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The mass psychology of fascism german die massenpsychologie des faschismus is a 1933 book by wilhelm reich in which the author explores how fascists come into power and explains their rise as a symptom of sexual repressionthe mass psychology of fascism was thought out during the german crisis years 1930 33 it was written in 1933 the first edition appeared in september of 1933 and the second edition in april of 1934 in denmarkin 1942 an english source suggested that the book be translated into englishauthoritarian family ideology and the mass psychology of fascism 28 1 fhrer and mass structure 28 2 hitlers origin 30 3 on the mass psychology of the lower middle classes 33 4 family fixation and nationalistic feeling 40 5 nationalistic self confidence 52 6 the middle class adaptation of the industrial workers 60 iii the race theory 63 1the word fascism is not a word of abuse any more than the word capitalism is it is a concept denoting a very definite kind of mass leadership and mass influence authoritarian one party system hence totalitarian a system in which power takes priority over objective interests and facts are distorted for political purposesi ideology as a material force the cleavage economic and ideological structure of the german society 1928 1933 how mass psychology sees the problem the social function of sexual repression ii the authoritarian ideology of the family in the mass psychology of fascism fhrer and mass structure hitlers background on the mass psychology of the lower middle class

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